Poem about an ideal world

An Impression of an Ideal World

If life was a canvas, I’d paint it colorful and bright,

I’d draw lots of butterflies and stars in the daylight,

If dreams could be captured, I’d have the best library,

If all thoughts were read, would life be simple or scary?

Sometimes I wish certain moments could be frozen,

And I would erase all the wrong paths I’ve chosen

Splendid it would be if my memory was photographic,

Also, everything I write, one day becomes a classic,

Beauty embeds every speck, love dwells in every heart,

No hopes for happy endings, the perfect setting from the start,

Vague concept of time, immortality for every creature,

Each possessing a distinct superpower, a one-of-a-kind feature,

Where youth is undying and we’d never age,

Destiny is a blank book, so we’d fill in every page,

Everyone is the protagonist, no antagonistic personalities,

The most fantastic imaginations spun into realities,

If all that was true, life would be better than a fairytale,

You could be anything, do everything, and never fail,

Then again, would it feel monotonous, a stagnant routine?

Having it all may eliminate enthusiasm and esteem,

Would I crave for a challenge, a struggle?

How about trivial troubles and conflicting sentiments to juggle?

No change, no growth, no loss, no fear,

Stuck in forever, the idea of death would be dear,

What is happiness if you don’t know what it’s like to be sad?

How to distinguish good from evil if nothing is bad?

Perhaps an ideal world is not the one we suppose,

It’s the one we live in, the enigma is the life we chose.

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