Two of a Kind

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He’s a little messed up and I’m plain crazy.
I don’t wish to turn things around, but he’s just lazy,

I put on different airs and create an illusion,
He acts weird because he’s lost in confusion,

He always speaks the truth and I never tell a lie,
We fight and bicker a lot, but we're ride or die,

I project dark humor, laugh out loud when I’m sad,
He proposes that we dance when things are bad,

Breakfast for dinner, a popsicle when it snows,
All my favorite places are the ones where he goes,

He talks nonsense, I ask stupid questions,
I don’t judge and he doesn’t expect corrections,

I’m a good listener and he’s good at speech,
I’m like the water, he’s the sun over a beach,

I like to put on sneakers underneath a dress,
He’s dressed for comic con or the circus, more or less,

Yet there’s no one cooler, nor saner in my sight,
While the world labels me ‘an outcast’, he tells me I’m just right,

We’re two odd pieces of a puzzle that fit together,
As long as I have him, I can be myself forever,

I refuse to grow up, he hates change,
I’m glad he isn’t normal, he prefers that I’m strange….

Gloria Styles

Gloria was born with a passion for writing and The Witty Minds is where she flaunts her creativity. She is a health and fitness freak, movie buff, animal lover, and coffee addict.

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