two of a kind poem

Two of a Kind: a poem about someone who gets you

He’s a little messed up and I’m on the edge of crazy.
I don’t wish to turn things around, but he’s plain lazy,

I put on different airs to create and live an illusion,
He seems weird because he’s lost or overwhelmed by confusion,

He always honest, and I hate telling a lie,
We fight and bicker a lot, yet we're ride or die,

I project dark humor, laugh out loud when I’m sad,
He proposes that we sing and dance when things are bad,

Breakfast for dinner, a popsicle when it snows,
All my favorite places are the ones where he goes,

He talks nonsense, I ask stupid questions,
I don’t judge and he doesn’t expect corrections,

I’m a good listener and he’s good at speech,
I’m like the water, he’s the sun over a beach,

I like to wear sneakers underneath a dress,
He’s dressed for comic-con, more or less,

And still, there’s no one cooler, nor saner, in my sight,
While the world labels me ‘an outcast’, he tells me I’m 'just right',

We’re two odd pieces of a puzzle that fit together,
As long as I have him, I can be myself forever,

I refuse to grow up, he hates change,
I’m glad he's weird, he likes that I’m strange….

What is it like to be with one of a kind?

Ever wondered what it’s like to be with someone who not only tolerates your quirks, but actually celebrates them like confetti at a parade? Buckle up, because it’s a ride on the appreciation rollercoaster!

one of a kind

1.      Authenticity Overload

Say goodbye to the exhausting charade of pretending to be someone you’re not. With Mr. or Ms. Appreciation by your side, you get a front-row seat to the “Authenticity Fiesta” where being yourself is the award-winning act.

2.      Emotional Cheer Squad

When the one by your side gets you, your emotions are playing in the championship game. Your partner is the enthusiastic cheer squad, complete with pom-poms and catchy chants. No matter the score, you’ve got unwavering support and high-fives all around.

3.      Positive Vibes Only

Negative vibes are so last season. In a place of mutual understanding, the air is thick with positivity. It’s like living in a perpetual sunny day, even when it’s raining outside.

4.      Evergreen Growth

Forget stagnant ponds; this relationship is more like a flourishing garden. You and your partner are the dynamic duo attending the “Growth Festival,” where personal and professional achievements are celebrated with a toast and maybe a funky dance move or two.

5.      Stress-Free Paradise

Adios stress! With an appreciative partner, you won’t find yourself juggling flaming torches on a tightrope. The pressure to be someone you’re not? Non-existent! You’re too busy basking in the glow of mutual admiration.

6.      Communication at its peak

When you end up with someone who is one of a kind, open and honest conversations are the main attraction. No need for holding back, looking for excuses, or telling half-truths. The only balancing act is finding the right mix of laughter, understanding, and shared dreams.

7.      Trust & Security Shindig

You can forget about trust issues and securities when your significant other is not one to judge you. When you spend time with a partner who values you unconditionally, trust and security become your homies – always present and ready to mingle.

P.S: Remember, even in this funfair of appreciation, occasional bumper car clashes are inevitable. Nevertheless, with an accommodating partner by your side, navigating those bumps is just another thrilling part of the adventure.

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