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Top 10 Tips to be more Productive in Life

Most of the time, there are talks about being productive at work. We strive to deliver our best on the job by developing skills like time management, problem solving, decision-making, planning, and organization.

Efforts to improve performance at the workplace are commendable, but what about your life outside work? What we all need are tips to be more productive in life rather than just at work.

We often forget to do more for ourselves, which is why we are entrapped in a vicious cycle that prohibits personal growth. Years go by and we don’t realize that life has come to a dead end – it’s merely a countdown to an unexpected demise.

It’s never too late to turn a new leaf, so start doing more today. The following tips will make you healthier and happier, as well as motivate you to achieve bigger goals and dreams:

1.      Early to Bed, Early to Rise

The early bird catches the worm. In your case, you’ll discover everything you missed out on by waking up late every day. When you start your day early, you have ample time to catch up with stuff that you normally leave on pending.

If you have a long list of chores and activities you never paid attention to because of scarcity of time and energy, rising early shall change that. You’ll understand that the things you put on hold for such a long time didn’t have to pile up if it weren’t for your laziness.

In order to wake up early in the morning, you’ll need to go to bed at a reasonable hour. Late night shenanigans and induced insomnia should have no place on your timetable. Do not consume any stimulants after sunset, don’t make plans past midnight, and turn off your gadgets before stepping into bed. Allow yourself at least 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep if you wish to wake up rejuvenated and ready to seize the day.

2.      Go for a morning Walk or Workout

If getting out of bed before 11 AM is not something you’re accustomed to, it may take a little time getting used to. You’ll be tempted to turn off the alarm and drift off to dreamland again, which is no way to live.

Spending too much time in dreamland can take a toll on your reality, so choose wisely. You’re obviously in no shape to commence the duties for the day, thus you need something to shake off the stupor.

A morning walk is exactly what is required to stir the senses and feel alive. The fresh morning air and sights of natural landscapes will do wonders for your health. In case you have a dog, consider it an excuse to take it out for some exercise.

If a walk in the park or the streets doesn’t sound appealing, you may hit the gym. It may seem like you don’t have the strength to work a sweat this early, but trust me when I say that’s far from the truth. A morning workout will keep you active and spirited for the rest of the day.

3.      Make a to-do List

Once you’ve driven off the sleepiness and fatigue with exercise, it’s time to officially get to work. Make a list of all the tasks you aim to complete within the day, so you can tackle them in order. When you make a list, you are able to keep track of all the things that need to be done, which discourages you from welcoming distractions or making commitments you cannot fulfill.

Sticking to a plan simplifies matters and enables you to move forward with a clear head. You won’t forget about important errands and deadlines, which saves you from a great deal of stress and trouble.

4.      Shower and Dress-up

Cleaning up and looking presentable every day is part of basic hygiene. Showering and wearing nice clothes should not only be reserved for when you have to go out and meet people. I’m not asking you to put on something flashy or dress to the nines at all times, but assembling an outfit that looks and smells fresh is the least you can do for yourself.

If you haven’t bathed and changed clothes in days, you know that you feel and appear dreadful. When you wash away all the filth and opt for uncontaminated attire, you feel good about yourself and your chances to succeed in life.

5.      Devour a hearty Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don’t think about skipping it or eating like a miser. A cup of coffee is not enough to fuel up. Go for a rich meal that contains balanced proportions of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fiber, and other essential nutrients. Prefer unprocessed or organic foods, as they offer better nutritional value for lesser calories.

Filling foods like whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables are vital to remain invigorated for a long time and prevent untimely cravings. As a result, you’ll be able to get much more done in lesser time with fewer breaks.

6.      Concentrate on one thing at a time

If you have a habit of multitasking, it’s high time you quit and catch a breath. It may come as a surprise, but the human body is not made for multitasking. When you try to get a grip on multiple errands simultaneously, you’ll most certainly ruin or fail more than half of them.

You might complete a set of tasks this way, though in your heart you know that the outcome is slapdash at best. Giving your best to everything is part of being productive, which is why you need to focus on one thing at a time.

7.      Put away Distractions

The only way you’ll be able to fully concentrate on a task is if you shun all sorts of distractions – those inside and outside your head. If you’re constantly checking your phone, reliving the past, thinking about the unforeseen, and watching T.V while working on a computer, good luck finishing what you started.

We are surrounded by distractions wherever we go and the problem is that we let them sidetrack us. If you have a short attention span and consider yourself scatter-brained, you can train yourself to concentrate by practicing mindfulness.

8.      Stop Procrastinating

It happens every time…we think we have all the time in the word to complete a task, so we set it aside, relax, and forget about it. Before we know it, the eleventh hour strikes and we are propelled into panic mode. The work you put together when you’re quickly running out of time is rushed and inadequate.

If you had started early, you would have sufficient time to carry out the task in a proper manner and double-check everything. Time management skills are integral to enhancing productivity, so stop being careless and wasteful.

9.      Divide and Conquer

At times, we encounter problems that are too complex or multi-faceted. It is impossible to handle this problem as a whole, which is why you have to divide and conquer. For instance, if you are part of a team at work, a complicated project can be broken down into smaller elements to distribute among team members.

If you are to handle a difficult issue on your own, you should still be able to split it into simpler elements for convenience. If someone offers assistance or you have the privilege to ask for help, make use of it.

10. Celebrate your Accomplishments

Let’s assume that you had a productive day, i.e. you accomplished an important goal or two. When this happens, you must acknowledge the success, even if it seems minor or relatively insignificant.

When you give yourself a pat on the back or treat yourself after an accomplishment, the reward increases your morale and perseverance. You will feel like a winner and be inspired to put in the effort to succeed again.

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