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A Freelancer’s T-shirt

This item is designed for freelancers who are often asked to provide a service free of charge. The work you do is worthy of compensation, so convey the message with this amazing T-shirt!

a freelancer's t-shirt
Wednesday and Enid T-Shirt

If you can relate to the dark and sadistic Wednesday, as well as the colorful and chirpy Enid, this T-shirt was made for you!

a freelancer's t-shirt
Dog Friend T-Shirt

You are your dog’s world, so appreciate their loyalty with with funky T-Shirt. Let the world know that you have an amazing furry friend by your side.

a freelancer's t-shirt

Who are We?

The Witty Minds is a small business run by a group of witty content creators and digital artists who believe that creativity knows no bounds. We aim to bring you diverse and original content that blows your mind and keeps you coming back for more. We are imaginative people who love to express themselves and voice their opinions. Our Fashion line is all about making a statement and showing one’s true colors to the world. If our brand speaks to you and you wish to be part of this platform, drop a message!

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    THE DREAM INVADER – Chapter Four

    Chapter 3: The New Girl Archimedes spotted Scarlett leaning against a pillar in the hallway, ears plugged to her phone. She was wearing sky blue Capri pants, red flip flops, and a white tank top with a symbol of ‘Anarchy’ drawn over it in red. He jogged up to her and unplugged one of her […]

  • Debunking 7 Myths about Electric Vehicles

    Debunking 7 Myths about Electric Vehicles

    More than often, people refer to EVs as the ‘cars of the future’, though in reality, that future is here. The widespread myths about electric vehicles are..

  • The Revolutionists – the right kind of Rebels

    The Revolutionists – the right kind of Rebels

    Ordinary individuals with forgettable faces, Nobody knows yet that we’re going places, We don’t want war, we stand for a revolution, We refuse concessions…

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