where is my soulmate?

Is my Soulmate out there somewhere? How can I find Him/Her?

The ideology that there is someone out there who was made just for you sounds like the most fascinating and romantic thing at first glance. The concept of soul mates tends to suggest that your stars align with one particular person in the entire universe. However, if you’re not a fan of astrology or astronomy, this is bound to seem farfetched.

The term ‘soulmate’ has multiple definitions, and some contradicting explanations. Believing in the possibility of an exclusive soulmate can be a good or bad thing, depending on your circumstances and expectations.

Controversial aspects of the Soulmate Concept

The obsession with finding ‘The One’ can be emotionally exhausting, and this kind of mindset often leads to disappointment. People expect that they will meet a person who is impeccable at all fronts and that their relationship will last forever.

Individuals who are already dating or seeing someone may sabotage a good relationship in the hopes of finding their true soulmate. In reality, their so-called soulmate is nothing more than a figment of their imagination, and someone that flawless never really comes by.

It is unlikely that you will meet someone and fall head over heels for them at first sight. You won’t hear music and time won’t stop the moment the right person enters your life; those kind of things only happen in movies, and thus are purely fictional.

Even if you do find someone who ticks all the boxes on your checklist, you might not be what they are looking for in a potential partner. You may click with someone instantly, yet there is no surety that they will reciprocate your feelings.

Greek mythology claims that human beings were originally created with a head with two faces, four arms, and four legs. Zeus thought that this human form was too powerful, so he split it into two. Therefore, humanity was condemned to a life searching for their other half – the part of them that makes them complete (a.k.a their soul mate).

The legend does not exactly paint a positive picture, given that it labels an individual as ‘incomplete’ on their own. Notions like these are the reason many single people feel insecure and anxious. Their pursuit for a partner is more about gaining approval from the society, as opposed to finding love and happiness.

The Progressive Approach to the Soulmate Concept

Believing in the existence of a soul mate can be healthy when dealing with breakups and heartbreak. If your significant other dumps you or files for divorce, you can tell yourself that the fallout was inevitable because you weren’t soulmates.

A series of failed dates or relationships probably means that your soulmate hasn’t come along yet, so you’ll just have to wait some more. This kind of attitude allows a person to move on from bad experiences and learn from mistakes. It also helps a person understand what they want from a future relationship, so they can choose their next partner more wisely.

When you finally find someone you can see yourself growing old with, you may proudly refer to them as your soulmate. Since this person is unlike someone you have met before and you want your relationship to last, you should be motivated to give it your best.

As a couple, you may occasionally have arguments or not see eye to eye, though that does not mean you should give up on the relationship. Couples who can work through their differences and accept each other with their flaws are the real soulmates.  

How to know if you have met your Soulmate?

This is no mathematical formula or technological device that can help us identify our alleged soul mate. There are more than 7.75 billion people in the world, so what are the odds of running into the one?

Most people end up with a person from the same state or zip code, so would you call it a coincidence or assume that it’s just how it works? Unlike in the scenarios in many POV YouTube Shorts about soulmates, you cannot magically communicate with or get hints about the one for you.

The concept of soul mates has been around from the beginning of time, and the term ‘twin flames’ is a contemporary version of it. Some people assume that soulmates are supposed to like the same things or share lots of common interests, but that is not always the case. Two people from contrasting walks of life can fall for each other because opposites attract.

You may feel contented with someone whose personality is the opposite of yours. You know you have met your soul mate when you are genuinely happy during the times you spend with them. Furthermore, you don’t care about superficial things, such as the opinion of others about them.

Can a person have multiple Soulmates?

Practically speaking, there are at least a million suitable people in the world for every person to pair up with. Each of us comes across a few individuals throughout our lifetime that connect with us at a spiritual level. You may have crossed paths with someone you were immensely attracted to on the first interaction, but then never had the chance to meet them again.

At times, we are not able to be with the person we love or we lose someone very dear in a tragedy; it is not uncommon to assume that we will never develop similar feelings for anyone else, but time heals all wounds and many of us get close to someone new. Therefore, it is safe to say that acknowledging multiple individuals as your soulmate is nothing unusual.

A Romantic or Sexual Connection is not necessary

Another common misconception about the term ‘soulmate’ is that it can only be used for someone who is romantically involved with you. In reality, a soulmate can be anyone who understands you, gives your life purpose, and makes your days brighter. This person can be your best friend, a mentor, sibling, parent, business partner, spouse, or girlfriend/boyfriend.

Your soulmate is someone you can freely confide in and trust to have your back, regardless of the circumstances. Any person who has been by your side through thick and thin is the closest you’ll get to a soulmate.


At the end of the day, waiting around for the one and only that is the product of your wildest dreams is irrational. If you are with a nice girl or guy at the moment, you must strive to build a good relationship with them.

Finding someone who fits your description of ‘soulmate’ is never enough; making a relationship work requires effort from both sides. Everyone has their flaws that will surface sooner or later, so prepare to deal with the worst.

You cannot know right away if a person is right for you; it takes time to discover the many characteristics and tendencies an individual incorporates. It may take a dozen conversations or years of companionship before you realize that the person next to you is someone who deserves the title of your soulmate.

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