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Top 10 Personality Traits of a Cat Person

Your pet can reveal a lot about your personality; in fact, most domesticated animals take after their owner, thus one might say that they’re like two peas in a pod! Having a furry friend or a few around the house makes life so much better. Their unconditional love, innocence, and quirks bring us joy every day; once a cat person bonds with a pet, it’s difficult to imagine a world without them.

Cats are the second most popular house pet across the globe, and they undeniably rule the internet. If you love watching cat videos and melt at the sight of every photo featuring a cat, you know you’re not alone.

Cats are amazing creatures, in terms of aesthetics and behavior. They are clever, agile, perceptive, and exhibit self-sufficiency like none other. If you adore cats and consider them the best kind of household pet, you clearly have good taste. As a designated cat person, you are likely to carry most of the following personality traits:

1.      Introverted

Cat people feel strongly about privacy, and prefer a quiet environment to recharge and reflect. An introvert likes to keep a few friends close and suffers discomfort in large gatherings. They hate being the center of attention and avoid small talk. If you enjoy alone time, always think before you speak, despise change, and feel intimated by crowds, you certainly fit the bill.  

2.      Curious

Cats are curious animals, and so are their humans. You are probably the kind of person who questions everything and strives for clarification. Curious individuals are keen to discover the science or logic behind things, and they are always open to new experiences. These folks believe in constant learning and growth, which is a key quality in successful people. Curiosity may lead to trouble sometimes, though it is usually worth it.

3.      Creative

Creative people are naturally drawn to cats, given that they are such enigmatic and poised creatures. Cats are a worthy muse, and they frequently inspire humans with their nifty ways; they are the vision behind catwalk and cat woman of Gotham city after all. Cats are complex beings, which is why they intrigue artists, writers, and other creatives alike.

Creative people are unconventional thinkers, i.e. they admire innovation and aim to stand out. Examples of some famous cat people from the entertainment industry include Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, Ed Sheeran, Martha Stewart, and Ian Somerhalder.

4.      Book smart

Scientific research and study suggests that the average cat person is way smarter than a dog person. Most cat owners are college graduates or are likely to opt for higher education. It is a known fact that earning a cat’s trust and devotion is somewhat challenging as compared to dogs; hence, this could be the reason why people with a higher IQ have a greater affinity towards felines.

Moreover, book smart individuals are often viewed as ‘busy bees’ and they regularly refrain from frivolous activities. Therefore, their lifestyle is simply more compatible with an autonomous pet like the cat.

5.      Stubborn

Another common characteristic among cat lovers is that they are awfully tenacious. They don’t give up easily and seldom agree to a compromise. They can be exceedingly picky in certain aspects and go to great lengths to prove a point. Winning an argument with them can be nearly impossible, and persuading them for something would be futile once they have made up their mind.

6.      Neurotic

A cat person can be neurotic, i.e. they worry a lot, get nervous easily, and their anxiety gets the best of them. Luckily, cats can tell when their owner is feeling ill or restless, and they help relieve stress.

When you cuddle or pet a cat, your body releases stress reducing hormones; as a result, you shall feel calmer and your mood will improve readily. High levels of stress are frequently linked to greater emotional intelligence as well.

7.      Independent

If you are a person who likes to make their own rules and celebrate their freedom, you will surely get along with a cat. Cat people tend to be career-oriented, strong-willed, and practical. They rarely ask for help and have a habit of solving problems on their own.

These people have inborn leadership qualities, though they might struggle with teamwork. An independent person is capable of taking care of themselves and taking on big responsibilities.

8.      Urbanized

Cats are the ideal pet for an urban lifestyle. They can easily adjust in compact city apartments, since they don’t need a lot of open space, unlike dogs and other large sized pets. The majority of individuals living independently in the city are outside home for the most part of the day; many of them only return home to sleep and freshen up for the next day.

Some of them work multiple jobs, or study and work, so they don’t get too much time for relaxing at their place. Cats are able to adapt to such routines, as they call for minimum attention and pampering. They don’t require too much physical activity (as long as you feed them a controlled and balanced diet), and neither do they need to be taken out for walks and to relieve themselves.

9.      Thoughtful

If you are a cat person, you must be fairly sensitive and considerate. People who love cats are more inclined to take in strays and rescue abandoned pets. They care about their surroundings, so you may expect them to adopt greener practices and support similar causes for the welfare of the society. In general, cat keepers are more disciplined and organized than dog owners.

10. Protective

Cat owners are noticeably protective of their pet, children, as well as material things that belong to them. They are not big on sharing, and they get defensive when provoked. They are prone to experience jealousy if their pet showers affection on a visitor or stranger.

They don’t appreciate people who try to meddle in their lives or give away unwanted advice. If you share a secret with a cat person, you may rest assured that they will keep it to themselves.

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