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Top 10 Personality Traits of a Dog Person

All pet lovers have a couple of things in common. For instance, they are by and large kindhearted people who believe that all earth species deserve love, life, and freedom. However, the kind of pet or pets you keep close further elaborate your personality.

Dogs are the favorite kind of domesticated pet around the world, and they are said to be man’s best friend for legit reasons. If you are a dog person, I bet you treat your pet pup like a family member.

People who have never interacted or spent time with canines may feel intimidated by the larger kinds. In reality, dogs are the friendliest kind of animal on this planet, though their upbringing and living environment greatly affects their temperament.

Even though dogs have razor sharp teeth and claws, a pet will never attack anyone unless it is provoked or endangered. Dogs are the most loyal and affectionate species out there, and people who haven’t experienced their companionship first hand are seriously missing out.

Dogs come in various shapes and sizes, and each of them are suited for separate purposes and environments. Several bulky dog breeds, such as the German shepherd and Dobermann make excellent guard dogs, whereas smaller dogs like the Corgi and Pug are ideal as emotional support animals. If one or more dogs are a part of your family, you can surely relate to the following personality traits:

1.      Extroverted

Most dog owners are confident and outgoing. They love to make outing plans with friends and family, and seize every opportunity to go on an adventure. Extroverts have many friends and they rarely have a hard time making small talk with strangers.

They add life to parties, excel at public speaking, and improvise without hesitation. On the flip side, they cannot stand being alone or ignored, so they might look for ways to seek attention.

2.      Agreeable

Dog owners are laidback and flexible by nature. For example, they won’t be outraged if you are a few minutes late to a meeting or if you cancel plans at the eleventh hour due to an emergency. They will be understanding towards your situation and be willing to reschedule.

The chances of being forgiven or excused by a dog person are generally higher in comparison to a cat person. It is relatively easy to get along with a dog person because they are customarily as friendly as their furry friend.

3.      Steadfast

Dog parents wear the crown when it comes to commitment. If you get into a relationship with a dog person, you may rest assured that they will remain faithful to you. People who cherish dogs are go-getters, i.e. they don’t take too long to figure out what they want and how to get it.

You can expect a dog person to keep their word and fulfill promises, which is a great quality to have in your life partner. Steadfastness also implies that when a person starts something, they will carry it to the finish line instead of running away at the first obstacle.

4.      Enthusiastic

Dog people cannot stand stagnancy because they are full of contagious energy. They will go all-out to keep a conversation flowing or retain the attention of an audience. You may notice that people with dogs as pets let their passion show in their actions.

They can be impulsive at times, though they are more concerned about missing out rather than the risks involved in a decision. A dog person is motivated to live life to the fullest and not waiver because of minor setbacks.

5.      Outdoorsy

Dog persons love nature and open spaces. They are more likely to participate in outdoor sports, as compared to people with smaller pets like cats and hamsters. These people appreciate physical exertion and enjoy working out a sweat.

They love travelling to new places with their dog, and engage in recreation like hiking, mountain climbing, biking, canoeing, bungee jumping, and paragliding.  

6.      Straightforward

Dog owners do not have a habit of sugarcoating words or speaking in riddles. They dislike being a part of complicated conversations, especially those that lack sincerity. They might occasionally come across as blunt or indifferent, but at the least you get honesty.

If you’re dating a dog person, you may perceive them as an undemanding and candid individual. They are generally outspoken and expect the same from you, so don’t give them the silent treatment or play mind games.

7.      Good-humored

People who love dogs don a happy-go-lucky persona. They know how to keep the conversation light and get a laugh out of the audience.  They don’t get angry that often, and cool down quickly when they do.

A dog person is much better at taking a personal hit or joke in contrast to a cat person. It isn’t easy to offend dog people, as they are unlikely to care what you think about them. Dog owners outrival other pet keepers when it comes to making people smile.

8.      Generous

Keeping a dog as a pet requires major commitment and patience. Being a dog parent comes with serious responsibilities, and you have to selfless most days. For this reason, dog lovers are known to be one of the most compassionate and generous people.

They know the meaning of unconditional love and are therefore capable of helping people without expecting anything in return.

9.      Family-oriented

Dogs are incredibly sociable, so they adjust well with families. They love playing with kids and receiving affection from multiple people in the house. They thrive in spacious households that are equipped with a backyard, garden, or another type of open outdoor space.

Most dog keepers prefer to live in the suburbs, where it is convenient to go for walks and plan outdoor activities. They are eager to settle down, immerse in the laidback suburban lifestyle, and be an awesome parent.

10. Judgmental

Since dog people are not over-thinkers, they can sometimes be quick to jump to conclusions. Some of them are the type that judge a book by its cover, which is not always a bad thing.

Another thing I’ve noticed on several occasions is that many dog lovers do not share a positive opinion about other household pets, especially cats. For most cases, a cat person tends to have a soft spot for dogs too, though it is rarely the other way around.

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