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Couple Goals: 10 YouTube Couples to Watch and Love in 2024

Let’s book a trip to a world where PDA (public displays of affection) rule, and relationships become an inspiration for millions. Amidst the vastness of YouTube, where content creation knows no bounds, there exists a treasure trove of couples who redefine the meaning of #CoupleGoals.

As we step into 2024, our social feeds are adorned with love stories that transcend screens and resonate with audiences worldwide. Join us on a journey through the virtual space of romance as we disclose 10 YouTube Couples to Watch and Love this year and beyond.

Get ready to explore a diverse array of creative couples that not only tug at your heartstrings but also represent what love looks like in the age of content creation. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or simply seeking a dose of something lovey-dovey, these dynamic duos are set to make your heart skip a beat.

1.      Kay and Tay Official

Get ready to meet one of the cutest couples on the internet– Kay and Tay! These soon-to-be parents are one dynamic duo that’ll leave you hitting that subscribe button like it owes you money. With a whopping 800K+ subscribers and a content library boasting more than 200 videos to date, it’s safe to say they’re not here to play small.

Beyond the YouTube universe, Kay and Tay are taking over TikTok and Instagram, giving their fans an all-access pass to the behind-the-scenes magic of their daily lives. Picture this: pranks, challenges, heartwarming moments – they’ve got it all, served with a side of contagious positivity. Who can resist a couple that turns every situation into a burst of joy?

What sets them apart? It’s not just their subscriber count; it’s the infectious fun, genuine personalities, and adorable reactions that make them the “it” couple of YouTube. So, if you’re up for nonstop laughter, emotions, and a dash of “aww” moments, Kay and Tay are your golden ticket to digital bliss. Subscribe today and let the good vibes roll!

2.      Bert & Lulu

Step into the dazzling world of Bert and Lulu, the digital architects of love and laughter! These two may look like an odd couple at first, but they accurately represent the phrase “opposites attract”. Bert is fatherly with his caring personality, whereas Lulu is childlike with her tantrums and adorable reactions.

Bert and Lulu are the maestros of recreating viral challenges and pulling off pranks that’ll leave you both in stitches and admiration for their witty antics. With personas that blend like a cocktail of fun, positivity, and pure authenticity, they create couple content that’s heartwarming and evergreen.

Whether you need tips on how to keep your girlfriend happy, or ideas about keeping your boyfriend head over heels for you, Bert and Lulu can show you how. Curious for more? Subscribe to Bert and Lulu to experience bite-sized joys and witness the spreading of love and happiness across the virtual landscape.

3.      Matthew and Paul

Let me introduce you to the heartwarming world of Matthew and Paul, an extraordinary interabled couple who are rewriting the narrative of love, adventure, and resilience on YouTube. In their unique journey, Paul, who is blind, and Matthew, fully sighted, impart their life experiences, whilst sharing the spotlight with their charming guide dog, Mr. Maple.

This YouTube channel offers a ton of videos that beautifully represent the essence of unconditional love, the challenges of blindness, and making the best of what you have; every video is a testament to their optimistic and humorous outlook on life.

Paul is an amazing storyteller who also creates books for children, despite his disability. Matthew takes every chance he can to prank his blind husband, and it’s extraordinarily wholesome because Paul loves it. With over 1 million subscribers, Matthew and Paul have become one of the internet’s most beloved LGBTQ+ couple.

4.      Jay & Sharon

If you enjoy content that showcases out-of-the-box humor and keeps you guessing every second, Jay and Sharon will become your latest addiction. They’re not your average lovey-dovey couple; in fact, these two never give up the opportunity to turn each other into a laughing stock before an audience of millions.

This couple is smart, creative, and authentically Asian is most aspects. Jay & Sharon know the art of transforming situational comedy and family moments into a masterpiece of comedy. What sets them apart? It’s the sarcasm, randomness, and twists you never saw coming.

The newest member on their YouTube channel is their daughter. Despite being a toddler, she takes after her parents when it comes to a sense of humor; and did I mention that she’s as cute as a button? This couple knows how to make the world laugh at their own expense, and that’s truly commendable.

5.      Rohit & Kanupriya

Rohit & Kanupriya are an Indian couple who have turned everyday life into a laugh riot! This lively duo, hailing from the vibrant city of Chennai will teach you how to spice up your love life, and never have a dull moment in your marriage.

This one-of-a-kind couple has mastered the art of turning mundane moments into relatable and uproarious sketches. From hilarious takes on daily life to heartwarming family portraits, they’ve got it all. If pranks and challenges are your jam, this couple has it all covered – bring your pen and notebook!

Rohit & Kanupriya are curators of joy, spreading love and happiness across the YouTube couple kingdom. So, if you’re in the mood for a laughter-filled escape, hit subscribe and never miss a video from this unusual and hilarious couple. They are living proof of ‘love comes in all shapes and sizes’ and that the language of love is the same, no matter where you come from.

6.      The Scott Family

In the quirky world of The Scott Family, laughter is the currency, and fun knows no bounds! This social media power couple has etched their name into the digital hall of fame with a shared YouTube channel that is quickly nearing 3 million subscribers at present.

The wife is the shining star of this YouTube channel, with her topnotch dancing skills, infectious energy, unique laugh, and candid expressions. However, the husband’s reactions to her tomfooleries and support for all shenanigans is everything.

The Scott Family isn’t just about YouTube – they’re TikTok royalty, commanding attention with candid comedy, dance trends, and those outspoken intimate moments that make you hit the “like” button on instinct.

7.      Really Very Crunchy

The vibrant world of Really Very Crunchy is a YouTube haven where humor meets “crunchy” living in the most delightful way possible. Run by the lovely couple, Emily and Jason Morrow, this family of four, including sons Opal and Jasper, deliver a captivating saga of laughter and life.

Now, let’s talk about the term “crunchy mom.” It’s more than just a phrase; it’s a lifestyle Emily and Jason have embraced with humor and satire. From cloth diapers to home births, and essential oils to homeschooling, they’re not just debunking stereotypes – they’re turning them into a comedy goldmine.

The channel’s name, Really Very Crunchy, is a nod to this “crunchy” lifestyle that they navigate with wit, grace, and a touch of irony. Beyond the laughs, their channel dives into the intricacies of family life, travels, faith, marriage, and hobbies. Emily, the creative force behind Really Very Crunchy, is more than just a YouTuber; she’s an author and speaker who knows how to turn life’s quirks into pure entertainment.

8.      Hannah & Regal

Imagine a couple that’s all sunshine, rainbows, and everything nice – Hannah & Regal are the living example. This YouTube couple’s love and laughter-filled journey has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. They’re a vibrant force of positivity, devotion, companionship, and genuine connection.

With over 3.5 million subscribers on their YouTube channel, Hannah & Regal invite you into their daily lives with jesting, lifestyle gems, pranks, challenges, and more, where every video is a celebration of love. Family is at the heart of their narrative and all of their videos are a wholesome package of fun and adorable reactions to different situations.

Regal goes out of the way to express his love and affection for his wife, and it does get too much sometimes. Even though Hannah is often embarrassed because of her husband’s mischiefs in public, it’s still hilarious and heartwarming. These two lovebirds raise the bar for #couple goals 2024.

9.      keeno & liz

Keeno & Liz are a fun couple who know all the jokes – the good, the bad, the dirty, the dark, and the ones only few understand. Anyone who doesn’t understand their jokes is probably too innocent for this world. No matter what kind of humor you’re into, this couple has it all covered.

Keeno & Liz have become synonymous with side-splitting skits that plunge into the comical nuances of daily life, relationships, couple pranks, and more. Their relatable content is not just entertaining, but an intriguing insight into what the world has come to.

Known for their amusing, impish, and comical personalities, Keeno & Liz seamlessly blend into all the notorious characters they play. This couple can make you laugh without talking and they know how to bring out the funny side in the darkest and most awkward of situations.

10. youtwoTV

Inside the uproarious universe of youtwoTV, humor is the main act, and the dynamic Canadian duo, Harjit Bhandal and Jaz Saini, steal the show. Beyond YouTube stardom, the duo is recognized as Much Studios creators, solidifying their status as influential personalities in the realm of digital media and entertainment.

Known for their sketch comedy prowess, Jaz and Harjit craft videos that are not just funny but also relatable, offering viewers a perfect escape from the mundane. Their creativity knows no bounds, with video series like “Mom vs. Daughter”, “Types of People”, and “If Couples Were Honest”, highlighting their ability to capture the essence of everyday scenarios.

YouTwoTV retains a comedic brilliance and knack for creating content that resonates with a diverse audience. The combination of creative dialogue and clever cross-culture references makes them a force to be reckoned with on the YouTube stage. Kudos to Jaz and Harjit for bringing laughter and joy to millions!

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