top 10 youtube couples 2023

Top 10 YouTube Couples to look out for in 2023

People love ‘love’ and that is why couples doing ‘lovey dovey’ things on the internet get a lot of attention. There are so many diverse couples on Youtube that create entertaining content together, and the public cannot get enough. I have put together a list of the top 10 YouTube couples to look out for in 2023, so you don’t have to. The following couple channels shall give you your daily dose of love and all the fun stuff in relationships.  

1.    The Scotts

THE SCOTTS are a YouTube couple who post reaction, skit and prank videos on their shared channel. They have more than 2 million subscribers on the platform. Kristy and Desmond Scott are a married couple having two children. Kristy is one firecracker of a lady; she is always looking gorgeous and makes sure there’s never a dull moment for her family.

Kristy is always finding new ways to keep her chef husband on his toes, and he is a great sport about it. Kristy is adored for her lively and humorous personality, whereas Desmond is best known for his infectious laugh and hilarious retorts. The couple started their channel in 2016 and have since uploaded more than 800 entertaining Youtube videos and #shorts about their relationship, family, lifestyle and travel.

2.    Nick and Carrie

Nick and Carrie are a young YouTube couple who post videos about their interracial relationship, pranks, challenges, vlogs and lifestyle. They have more than 4 million subscribers on their channel. Nick is an Indian who lives in Australia, and Carrie is from Hong Kong; the two met while studying in Sydney, Australia. They are quite the comedic duo, and are proof of the fact that ‘opposites attract’.

Despite having contrasting personalities, Nick and Carrie make their relationship work. Their love for each other is pure and inspiring. They started their YouTube channel in 2019 and remain active on other social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok as well.

3.    Austin and Lexi

Austin and Lexi are a unique YouTube couple who post videos about everyday humor, pranks, relationship challenges, funny reactions, Q&A, and lifestyle. They have more than 1.6 million subscribers on their channel, and are also popular on TikTok, where they have over 10 million followers. Lexi refers to her boyfriend as her ‘short king’ and Austin considers himself the biggest simp for his girlfriend.

Austin treats Lexi like a queen and his dedication towards fulfilling her every whim is commendable. They are indeed an adorable couple, and their affection for each other shows. Lexi likes to tease and make jokes about her boyfriend all the time, but she knows no other guy can treat her better.

4.    Crazy Greapa

The YouTube channel ‘Crazy Greapa’ features a married Korean couple, which is one of a kind. Their Sigma #shorts are highly popular and they have over 8 million subscribers on YouTube. The female (unsure of real name) is the internet’s favorite Sigma girl – you can never guess her next move. Her husband is a man of few words, but his facial expressions are enough to convey everything. The couple has an adorable son who sometimes appears in the videos.

The lady’s sigma visage is incredible, and she knows how to keep the audience guessing. The couple rarely includes any dialogue in their video, yet they have won over fans from every corner of the world. The sigma girl has a cute and edgy style; she is awfully good at dance challenges as well. Her child’s father is the goofy and meek partner who fits perfectly well with her strong personality.

5.    Jin and Hattie

Jin and Hattie are a cute and funny couple that loves to share their life with their YouTube family, which is steadily nearing 3 million. They have an even greater fan following on TikTok. Jin and Hattie often make videos about their cultural differences, such as food, language, habits and traditions. They also like to prank each other, as well as participate in different viral/trending challenges and games. Their supportive and loyal fan base call themselves “Jinties”.

The couple tied the knot in 2021 at a beautiful wedding ceremony held in Korea. Jin is a Korean guy from Seoul and Hattie is a British girl who met him while studying in Korea. They started their channel in 2017, and it’s obvious that they are very happy and in love with each other. Hattie trying to be a Sigma girl makes up some of their best content.

6.    Khalid & Salama

Khalid and Salama are a hilarious Muslim couple that posts videos about family, culture, travel, and lifestyle. They currently have two Youtube channels, i.e. ‘Khalid Al Ameri’ and ‘Khalid & Salama Shorts’; these channels have almost 2.5 million subscribers combined. They are also famous on TikTok, where they have over 9 million followers. Khalid is an Emirati from Abu Dhabi and Salama is a Sudanese; their love story began while studying in Dubai.

Khalid and Salama got married in 2010 and have three children. These two are extremely witty, and most of their videos revolve around amusing interactions between husband and wife. They like to roast each other (for fun), challenge one another in different ways, and demonstrate what a balanced relationship looks like.

7.    The Cure Couple

Another cute Korean couple that goes by the name ‘Cure Couple’ on YouTube is one to look out for this year. They have surpassed 4 million followers on their YouTube and TikTok channel in a short amount of time. Rumor is that these two met in college and they fell in love at first sight. The couple has great chemistry and their content is very candid in a good way.  

This is yet another YouTube #shorts couple that can make you laugh without saying much. The girl is feisty and dominating, whereas the guy is a cheeky sweetheart. The best thing about this couple is that they are increasingly genuine and confident in the content they create. They try new and weird things, not caring what others think.

8.    Pink Shirt Couple

The Pink Shirt Couple owns one of the fastest growing channel on YouTube. They started in 2020 and their subscribers have already crossed 11 million, which is impressive to say the least. What is their secret you ask? Truth be told, I view this couple as people pleasers – they will do anything to make their fans happy. Their followers keep throwing out bizarre requests and they entertain these requests every time, especially when they hit another hundred thousand or million followers.  

The Pink Shirt Couple are an American dude and dudette living in Minnesota. As of now they are both 22 years old; their names are ‘Cayden Christianson’ and ‘Alyssa Eckstein’. They always wear the same pink t-shirts (with khaki shorts/skirt) in each and every video they publish, so it’s kind of their brand or identity. They say they do this because they want to be unique and recognizable. On their website, they sell brand merchandise and offer exclusive content to the biggest fans.

9.    Sam and Jesse

Sam and Jess are a young married couple with over 1.7 million subscribers on their YouTube channel. They post vlogs, pranks, challenges and other lifestyle content. They got engaged in June 2020 and married in November, 2020; their relationship and wedding journey can be viewed on YouTube and other social platforms. The cute couple sometimes collaborates with other YouTubers like Madeline and Stephen.

Jess was raised in a Mormon family with two brothers and one sister. She is also a singer and songwriter who has released songs like “Too Much” and “Love You More”. Sam and Jess have their own merch line called #JAMFAM. Let’s not forget about their dogs “Lola” and “Luna” that are both Aussie doodles – are a cross between Australian shepherds and poodles. Jess surprised Sam with Lola as a gift in October 2020 and Luna was brought in a few months later to keep Lola company. The adorable furry babies are often featured in their videos and Instagram posts.

10.    Mariah and Bill

Mariah and Bill are a fun-loving couple having more than 2.5 million subscribers on their YouTube channel. They post all kinds of videos and #shorts related to couple pranks, challenges, and lifestyle. They started dating in March 2017 after meeting at a grocery store where they both worked and got engaged this year in Hawaii; their wedding is scheduled to take place in February 2024. The couple also runs a second vlog channel called “Marble Vlogs” that has over 250k subscribers.

Mariah and Bill also do live streams, Q&A sessions, and giveaways for their fans. Their positive and upbeat personalities shine through their videos. They are very interactive and responsive to their fans, often replying to comments, doing shoutouts, and following them on social media.

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