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Top 10 POV Content Creators at YouTube Shorts

The POV video trend started on TikTok a while ago. These videos demonstrate one’s point of view in a variety of realistic and unrealistic situations. Many POV videos are based on scenes from movies and lyrics of popular songs. A lot of content creators like to add their own twist to a familiar script, or come up with their own original version of a scenario.

POV YouTube shorts are an excellent form of entertainment when you don’t have the time to commit to a 2-hour film or even a 20-minute episode. The duration of a YouTube short is 60 seconds or less, which is compatible with the short attention span we possess.

1.      Eliana Ghen

Eliana Ghen is probably one of the most talented, yet underrated actresses out there. Her expressions are always spot on and she dives into every character with ease. She can even transition between different emotions so seamlessly that you’re bound to be awestruck. It’s fair to say that she can perform way better than many leading actresses in Hollywood today.

2.      Jeenie.Weenie

This girl is so effortlessly hilarious; you’ll become a fan after watching just one of her YouTube shorts. Most of her videos address airplane cabin crews and the different kind of people boarding the plane. She knows her stuff and her sense of humor deserves an A+. Her bubbly personality and exaggerated manifestations will make your day.

3.      Andria Subotic

For starters, this lady is gorgeous and secondly, she makes some of the most creative POVs on YouTube. Her ‘guy’ impressions are adorable and her makeup is flawless. One of the top reasons her content stands out is that she doesn’t do the POVs everyone else is doing, which is a breath of fresh air.

4.      Jezelle Catherine

Some people say that Jezelle is just a pretty face, but I agree to disagree. She posts an impressive variety of POVs with follow ups, and I am genuinely addicted. The best trait about her content is that it offers consistency, which cannot be said about many YouTube and TikTok influencers.

5.      Ian Boggs

Ian Boggs is quite the sensation on social media, so you have probably seen at least a few of his videos while browsing YouTube content. He creates all sorts of entertaining content, and his POVs are definitely noteworthy. With over seven million subscribers and millions of views for every POV series, it’s no surprise that this guy is super talented.

6.      Valerie Lepelch

If your type is ‘hot gamer girl’, Valerie is the one you’re looking for – just kidding! Although, she has done several gamer girl POVs you might enjoy. I prefer her soulmate POV series, and most of her collabs with other POV enthusiasts on YouTube. Valerie is such a cool girl; she could perfectly embody ‘life of the party’ wherever she goes.

7.      CrazyCae

Contrary to her screen name, this girl is the sweetest thing ever. She can make herself look like a witch or ghoul, and still look cute. She has the most expressive eyes, which add extra value to her POV shorts on YouTube.

8.      Alvi Akbar

People say this guy is always flirting with his phone or his own reflection in the phone screen. I don’t blame him because he sure is a charmer. He normally does all the viral POVs, but the twists he adds to some is truly amazing. Alvi Akbar can say much more with his facial expressions than with actual words.

9.      Adrian Bliss

Adrian Bliss is a smart and uncanny; nobody comes up with POVs that he likes to portray. Sometimes he is a King from ancient England, sometimes he’s a red blood cell, sometimes he’s a mammoth, and recently he reimagined Van Gogh. This guy gives ‘think out o the box’ a whole new meaning.

10. Snerixx

Nobody can do ‘Karen’ as good as Snerixx. FYI Karen is a name used to refer to women who are generally annoying, dumb, and uncivilized. They make a fuss wherever they, always want to talk to the manager, and never admit their mistake because ‘feminism’. A lot of POVs published by this girl are about characters like Karen, so prepare to be amused.

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