writer's block poem

Writer’s Block – A Poem about Struggling with Creativity

Once again caught in that suffocating writer’s block,
Sitting across a blank screen, stealing glances at the clock,

Eyes weary, head heavy, I virtually cling to my sanity, 
I resist breaking down for the sake of my fragile vanity,

I scream, sob, and squirm behind a deadpan guise,
Deafening silence in my head feels like a slow demise, 

Not a drop of inspiration, nor a trace of passion,
My idol mind haunts me like a ruthless assassin, 

I am lost when thoughts do not translate into words,
Prompts and ideas thrown at me mimic a stack of turds,

How do I replenish my creativity? I am clearly exhausted,
Whatever fueled my imagination, I suppose I’ve lost it,

My unfinished stories mock me during the night,
Where do I get the motivation to end this plight?

I need to indulge in new experiences, be spontaneous,
It’s time to break through my bubble and find a new alias,

A change of surroundings, a fresh point of view,
Rejuvenation of the body and mind to start anew...

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