The darkness inside - a poem about facing your inner demons

The Darkness Inside – a Poem about facing your Inner Demons

Do you feel a darkness lurking within your soul?
It might be a speck or a bottomless hole, 

Does your mind and heart split you in half?
For some reason dark humor makes you laugh,

You’re sick of being the bigger person,
Putting on a smile becomes the worst exertion,

Your pain and grief seeds hatred and spite, 
Destruction looks like the answer to make things right,

When gore and violence becomes a thrill,
An apocalypse is the perfect excuse to kill,

Patience runs out, you’re done playing fair,
Watch the world crash and burn without a care,

Sick of carrying the venom flowing through your veins,
You wish to release the inner devil bound in chains,

The light in you fades a little each day,
It’s time to admit that you’re not okay,

Don’t let the darkness consume you bit by bit,
You can fight and conquer, so deal with it,

The dark side is tempting, but it has a cost,
It’ll be too late before you realize what’s lost,

Take a deep breath, have some faith,
The fruits to your perseverance are worth the wait.

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