I'm Tired Poem

I’m Tired – Let’s Trade Reality for a World of Fiction

Sometimes, I get tired of chasing my dreams, 
Because reality is full of madness and evil schemes,

I embarked on a journey to sail the smooth seas,
Yet I fell off a cliff, hit my head, and scraped my knees,

You tell me that’s life and I agree to disagree,
I’d prefer a hug and perhaps a shopping spree,

Show me how to live in the moment, to let go,
How do I turn a blind eye to all the ugly truths I know?

Give me a reason not to worry of what tomorrow has in store,
You say it will be alright, but how can you be so sure?

I don’t mean to rant, I’m dead tired and wide-awake,
Don’t offer any advice, though you may cut me a piece of cake,

My questions are rhetorical, my patience running low,
So just nod, play along, and humor me for show,

Let us be improvised characters in a world of fiction,
Set aside the rules and ignore all contradiction,

Don’t you think it’s okay to just pretend sometimes?
Nothing bad could happen as long as we speak in rhymes, 

Consider me delusional, but don’t say it out loud,
Hold my hand tight, so I won’t get lost in the crowd,

You can see that I’m tired, except don’t take me home,
Bear with me please, I need to wander and roam, 

We could stop and smell the roses, chase butterflies, and stargaze, 
Lay down in the sand, dance in the rain, and run through a maze,

Let us find happiness in unexpected places, in the smallest things,
We could climb the tallest buildings and imagine we have wings,

I want to laugh, I want to shout, and I want to cry, 
I need to breathe, stretch, and let out a deep sigh,

I’m tired because my mind is a whirlwind of thoughts, 
I might throw up because my stomach is in knots,

The only way out is the sweet embrace of slumber, 
And maybe tomorrow I’ll be as cool as a cucumber,

Sunrise depicts a new day, a chance to start over,
It won’t undo the wrongs, but maybe I’ll find a four-leaf clover,

Here’s to hoping I won’t be this hopeless tired again,
If I do, tell me times will change for the best, Amen!

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