the last page poem

The Last Page

The first time our eyes met, I didn’t bother a second glance,
I was intrigued when our paths crossed again by chance, 

I saw his soul through his eyes as if he were an open book,
He let me see every fissure and explore every nook,

After a few blank pages, a story commenced,
Once I started reading, in every word I was drenched,

Who knew what lay beyond that plain cover?
A craftsman who could carve a stone into a lover,

Page after page built suspense, I yearned to know more,
Around every corner was another open door,

His life is one epic adventure, so full of surprises,
His true personality outshines all the glamorous disguises, 

Hung up on every word, I lost myself in his story,
I indulged in all his grief, glee, and glory,

More than once, he swept me off my feet,
Every pause left me squirming at the edge of my seat,

The world is his stage, him being the lead actor,
Am I here to stay or just a character in the current chapter?

I ask him what’s next, he says ‘come what may’, 
He tells me to live in the moment and seize the day,

A performance this flawless couldn’t be easy to upstage, 
I cannot see it end, I’ll never turn over the last page.

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