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7 Legit Reasons to Get a Cat

When you are getting to know someone, it is always nice to learn that he or she has a pet (or pets). Most animal lovers have a kind heart, and who wouldn’t want to be associated with someone capable of kindness?

I have noticed some conflict between cat people and dog people, which is ridiculous because both species are amazing in their own ways. Many people have dogs and cats in the same house, and it appears they can get along. Felines are adorable, and that is just one of the legit reasons to get a cat.

The common belief is that cats are unfriendly and do not make good companions. As a person who has lived with cats all their life, I assure you that is absolutely bonkers! In my opinion, cats are amazing creatures that should be a part of every household. I find it hard to believe that there are people out there who could hate cats after having one as a pet.

Still not convinced? Here are 10 legit reasons to get a cat today:

1.      Cats automatically make you Smart

If you consider yourself smart, the cat is your spirit animal. If you need proof, recall Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. Our favorite nerd is not someone who warms up to anyone easily, but he adored cats.

Many famous people known for their creativity are also fans of the lovely feline; an excellent example – Taylor Swift. Anyone who can earn the affection of a cat is bound to have brains and wit, so being a cat parent is just a confirmation of your intelligence.

2.      They always keep you Entertained

Cats are such agile creatures that are always up to something fascinating. They’re fun to look at even when they’re asleep. A pet cat that develops an attachment with you will tend to follow you everywhere and show a keen interest in your activities.

They love to explore their surroundings, play with random objects, and be the center of attention among their humans. To be precise, you’ll always have a buddy to amuse you and keep you company.

3.      Cats are Low Maintenance

There are several varieties in cats, owing to their coat color, hair/fur length, size, and other physical characteristics. They not only differ in appearance, but also in behavior, attitude, and temperament. All types of cats are accustomed to self-grooming, as they naturally prefer cleanliness.

Some long-haired breeds like the Persian need human assistance for cleaning up, but otherwise, cats are quite independent. The cost of their food and litter combined is reasonable; all in all, keeping a cat is a lot more economical than caring for a dog.

4.      They easily adjust in small spaces

The cat is an ideal pet for small apartments and flats that are not equipped with an outdoor area. Domestic cats prefer cozy spots within the house and don’t need to be taken out to relieve themselves.

A cat is pretty much content, as long as you feed it on time and keep its litter box clean. It can find several ways to keep busy within the small space, and then enjoy long naps after tiring itself out.

5.      Cats are Understanding and Responsive

Disregard the myth that cats do nothing but sleep and ignore you all day. In fact, cats are extremely playful and social pets; however, it is also true that cats reflect the personality of their owner or the family member they are closest to.  They are intuitive and capable of interpreting human emotions, expressions, and tone of speech.

Cats adapt to our lifestyle and habits quickly; also, they will notice and react if you do something that contradicts your routine.  For example, a pet cat will be pleasantly surprised if you get back from work early, and probably act cross if you’re rather late than usual.

6.      They don’t eat your Food

Typically, cats are very particular about their diet. They might just favor a few varieties of cat food and refuse to eat anything else. Unlike, they don’t care what you eat and never keep an eye on leftovers.

Some cats may sniff at their owner’s food, but they don’t expect you to share unless you’ve been encouraging them from the beginning. You can enjoy your meals in peace and not worry about your food being stolen if you leave it unattended for a few minutes.

7.      Cats offer multiple health benefits

Adopting a feline is recommended for people suffering from loneliness or in need of emotional support. Cats are great listeners and provide endless cuddles, so there’s no downside to having them around. According to scientific research, petting a cat releases endorphins in the brain, which make you feel happy. They help reduce stress and blood pressure, so pet owners are less likely to suffer from heart diseases.

A cat may also improve your social life since few are immune to their charms. Thanks to your cat, you may end up with several new friends and possibly a potential partner. Felines fascinate kids and adults alike, thus bringing one into your home can make you a favorite among peers and family. Do not be afraid to turn into stereotypes like the “crazy cat lady,” because honestly, no one is purely sane.

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