I love you, please stay

I Love You, Please Stay

Just like that, he let me go,
So unexpected, I was like ‘whoa!’

Not long ago he confessed his love for me,
He made me believe we were meant to be,

I turned a blind eye to differences and distance,
What mattered was our story and its existence,

Don’t worry about it, we’ll figure it out,
That’s what he said, and I abandoned all doubt,

I was terrified, yet I chose my heart over my mind,
Impatiently, I put my past and my fears behind,

I was eager to lose myself in someone’s affection,
To feel desired, experience a profound connection,

The beginning was ecstatic, or perhaps I was high,
The air was euphoric, so I assumed I could fly,

But of course it wasn’t real, a fairytale, a reverie,
All the sweet talk and unspoken promises are treachery,

In the name of love, we stab ourselves and bleed,
Some false hope and fleeting joy is all we need,

I realized my insignificance and I felt violated,
It’s embarrassing to see your naivety accentuated, 

Now I understand that the word ‘love’ is fickle,
People throw it around like it’s not worth a nickel,

Am I the problem? Do my tears make me weak?
Does loving someone with all my heart make me a freak?

I expected too much, he was being pragmatic, 
His behavior was predictable, I’m just dramatic,

I’m hurt because he didn’t say what I wanted to hear,
He gave me the choice to leave because he didn’t care,

Despite it all, I still wish he would say,
I love you, please stay…

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