Why is Netflix removing Christian Movies?

Top 30 Christian movies on Netflix: Why is Netflix removing Christian Movies?

One of the hottest questions on social media right now is, “Why is Netflix removing Christian Movies?”

Today we will discuss whether this news is true or false. In addition, today we will present the list of 30 Christian Movies still available on Netflix.

These days, Social Media showcases bizarre arguments about Netflix removing Christian movies from its streaming platform. Let’s find out what all the fuss is about, and what are the reasons behind this?

This article aims to provide accurate information and any false claims that may have led to confusion or concern among Christian movie enthusiasts.  

We want to ensure that you understand Netflix’s approach to Christianity and its commitment to deliver diversity in content.

Netflix Selections of Movie Genres and Themes

Netflix considers the diversity of its audience and selects movies prioritizing a wide range of preferences, including different cultures, religions and politics.

Being the most popular streaming platform in the world, it does not want to hurt the religious sentiments of any particular group. This commitment to diversity extends to Christian films, which are an integral part of its extensive library.

Why did Rumors about Netflix removing Christian movies spread?

Christian movies are one of the major assets of Netflix’s movie library, and the platform would never want to see so much content drop from their content library.

On the contrary, the streaming giant licenses and acquires Christian-themed content to ensure that consumers can access movies that align with their spiritual beliefs.

In doing so, Netflix recognizes and honors the significance of Christian films within the larger entertainment landscape.

So how did this misconception take birth?

Christian movies are based on people’s faith, the trust in a higher power, and relative religious feelings.

A report recently claimed that Netflix is removing Christian Movies; it was then widely shared on social media and went viral. People, especially those interested in watching Christian movies on Netflix, got worried. They expressed interest in knowing its reason, and many ask whether the news is true or false.

We have reliable sources from which we can tell you the truth.

Netflix is not guilty of removing Christian movies

According to reputable news sources [REUTERS], it has been revealed that the origin of the false claim about Netflix removing Christian movies was an article intended as a joke.

This satirical article was reportedly published in 2016, yet this baseless claim resurfaces years later.

The issue with websites that produce humor is that they sometimes choose a controversial topic or o too far. In certain instances, readers need help discerning the fact that the content they are consuming is, in fact, fictitious news.

Unfortunately, these websites do not bother clarifying their objective. Instead, they intentionally try to bewilder readers in order to generate more clicks and traffic.

To prevent the following chaos, these websites must embrace transparency and correctly label their content. This way the audience knows that the articles they publish are merely meant for entertainment.

Fortunately, online resources are available to help readers identify fake news, including those provided by NPR.

30 Best Christian Movies available on Netflix

Now that the myth is debunked, let me talk about 30 Christian movies on the Netflix platform you can stream right now.

Here are the best 30 Movies available on Netflix:

  1. Father Stu
  2. Dog Gone
  3. Rescued by Ruby
  4. The Man of God
  5. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
  6. 7 Yards: The Chris Norton Story
  7. The Wait
  8. The Dreamseller
  9. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale
  10. Forgiven
  11. Little Boy
  12. Journey to Grace: The Hansie Cronje Story
  13. The Lost Husband
  14. A Fall from Grace
  15. All Together Now
  16. A Week Away
  17. Blue Miracle
  18. You Are My Home
  19. 2 Hearts
  20. Holy Expectations
  21. Good Sam
  22. Walk. Ride. Rodeo.
  23. Rock My Heart
  24. Nothing to Lose 2
  25. God Calling
  26. The Resurrection of Gavin Stone
  27. Nothing to Lose
  28. Come Sunday
  29. The Young Messiah
  30. The Passion of the Christ

I hope you are happy to know that Netflix is not removing Christian movies. A leading digital entertainment platform always retains valuable content to maintain brand image and quality.

Let us know about your favorite Cristian movies in the comment box!


Does Netflix have Christian movies?

Yes, Netflix offers a variety of Christian movies in its streaming library. You can find a selection of films that cater to Christian themes, values, and storytelling.

Is there any good Christian movie?

Netflix has several Christian movies praised by both audiences and critics. Some famous examples include “The Passion of the Christ,” “Courageous,” “Fireproof,” “War Room,” and “I Can Only Imagine.”

What is the Christian alternative to Netflix?

There isn’t a specific streaming service dedicated solely to Christian content that functions as an alternative to Netflix. However, platforms like Pure Flix and Up Faith & Family focus on providing family-friendly and faith-based content, including Christian movies, TV shows, and documentaries.

What movies have a Christian message?

Many movies convey Christian messages or themes, even if they are not explicitly labelled as “Christian movies.” Some films explore faith, redemption, forgiveness, or moral dilemmas in a way that resonates with Christian values.

Examples of movies with Christian messages include “The Shawshank Redemption,” “Les Misérables,” “The Chronicles of Narnia” series, “Hacksaw Ridge,” and “The Pursuit of Happyness.”

Does Netflix have Christianity-based movies?

Netflix offers a range of Christian-based movies within its collection. These films often revolve around Christian themes and biblical stories or showcase characters grappling with their faith. The availability of specific titles may vary based on your region and Netflix’s content licensing agreements.

Can I watch movies as a Christian?

Yes, as a Christian, you can enjoy watching movies. However, it’s important to exercise discernment and consider the content you consume. While not all movies may align with Christian values, plenty of films can provide entertainment, inspiration, and thought-provoking themes that align with your beliefs.

What is the Netflix movie about Jesus?

The Passion of the Christ movie is based on Jesus and produced by Bruce Davey, Mel Gibson, and Stephen McEveety.

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