the right kind of rebels poem

The Revolutionists – the right kind of Rebels

What are you trying to prove?
You and I got nothing to lose,

We’re biding our time, laying low,
Our calm demeanors are just for show,

We harbor a storm within,
Day by day, our patience is stretching thin, 

Too stubborn to say we’ve had enough,
We don’t trust easy, we’ve adapted to rough,

We’re not trying to win, it’s called surviving,
Humanity is dead, it’s what we’re reviving, 

The spectators might frown, try to bring us down,
We don’t care, we’re not here to take the crown,

We won’t raise our voices to attract the herds, 
Everyone knows actions speak louder than words,

Ordinary individuals with forgettable faces,
Nobody knows yet that we’re going places,

We don’t want war, we stand for a revolution, 
We refuse concessions because we need a real solution, 

This is not a death wish, it’s called self-expression, 
It’s a cry for justice, an attempt to escape repression,

Let us put away our differences for a common goal, 
It’s time we join hands and take back control,

We have today, we cannot depend on tomorrow,
If we procrastinate, we’ll become the reason for our sorrow. 

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