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Lindsay Lohan’s comeback in Falling for Christmas: Win or Fail?

Remember Lindsay Lohan? Doesn’t ring a bell? How about the leading lady from 2004’s blockbuster ‘Mean Girls’? Believe it or not, Miss Lohan was once considered the brightest starlet of Hollywood. She had everything, from looks to acting skills and charisma.

Every teenage girl wanted to be her and she could make any guy fall head over heels for her. Her debut album was a hit, and the second peaked Billboard charts in 2005. The actress encountered several ups and downs in her acting career at the time. Lindsay Lohan’s comeback reminds us of the good and the bad that happened to her at the peak of stardom.

Just my Luck

Lindsay was legendary in many of her movies, yet she had her fair share of box office flops. It happens to every rising star – when you deliver something exceptional, everyone develops even higher hopes for you. A couple of movies starring young Lohan failed to impress the critics.

For example, the movie ‘Just my Luck’ released in 2005 received some pretty harsh reviews. I believe that the negative feedback was somewhat unfair because the public majority enjoyed this lighthearted rom-com. The bad press came from sources that simply weren’t the target audience; also, most professional critics thrive on bashing the rising stars.

The Beginning of Lohan’s Demise

The problems in Lindsay’s personal and professional life began at the start of the year 2007. The reasons behind the young star’s downfall were neither unusual nor entirely shocking. Fame at a young age can be extremely stressful, given that everyone scrutinizes you and tries to interfere in your personal affairs. It all started with an arrest for drunk driving in January 2007; some sources claim that she was in possession of cocaine as well.

It is not uncommon for young celebrities to lean on alcohol and drugs when life becomes overwhelming. Intoxication feels like an easy and convenient escape from the constant frustration, which is the result of being watched and judged all the time.

Later, Lohan faced additional criminal charges for probation violations and other misdemeanors. She was even charged with theft or grand larceny at some point in 2011. In summary, the young actress spent several years between rehabilitation, jail time, court trials, and community service.

She had to pay hefty bail amounts multiple times and faced additional penalties for non-compliance. The series of never-ending legal troubles was the end of her acting and singing career. Lohan fled far away from the spotlight to recover from her addiction and start anew. Sooner or later, the public forgot about her and moved on to the newcomers being targeted by the notorious media.

The New Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is back after more than a decade, and she is turning heads everywhere. Her exit from Hollywood was unfortunate and dramatic, but time does heal wounds. She is currently married to a man named Bader Shammas; the couple announced their engagement in November 2021 and tied the knot earlier this year.

Who is this mysterious fine looking man you ask? Well, Bader is from Kuwait and works in the finance industry. The two had been dating for a few years and seem like one happy couple.

Lindsay is completely sobered up and is looking better than ever. She admits that she made some serious mistakes in the past, but she wants to be recognized for the person she has become now – someone nice and normal. Lohan’s re-entry into Hollywood is definitely making a splash, and people are wondering if she could rise to fame again.

What’s ‘Falling for Christmas’ all about?

It’s a tradition as old as time – every year, the biggest television/film networks release at least one cliché Christmas movie in the spirit of the holiday season. These predictable and sappy films have a massive audience, which means it is hard to go wrong with them.

Most Christmas themed movies are based upon an overused formula, but the public cherishes them in any case. The movie doesn’t have to be remarkable or even have an actual plot if it’s all about Christmas miracles and joy.

To be honest, Falling for Christmas is not a great choice for a comeback, but it is indeed a safe option. The now grown-up Lohan fanboys and fangirls are going to stream this movie on Netflix for the sake of nostalgia if nothing else.

The expectations for another Christmas movie are relatively low, so in a way, Lindsay has nothing to lose. The role isn’t challenging and the story is unoriginal, which is probably a good thing. The actress is looking great and seeing her on screen after all this time is going to bring back fond memories.

Falling for Christmas features Lindsay Lohan as a young heiress who wants to be known as more than her father’s daughter. She goes on vacation with her equally privileged suitor, which leads to a proposal. However, she suffers a terrible skiing accident shortly after getting engaged with the douche of a boyfriend.

Her body is later discovered at the bottom of a cliff by a bunch of locals who take her to the hospital. However, the heiress is struck by amnesia, so she cannot remember anything from before the accident after waking up. Finally comes the part where she meets a kind and simple man who shall eventually steal her heart and convince her to leave the glamorous old life behind.


Falling for Christmas is mediocre at best, but more than 80% of viewers like it (according to Google reviews). IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes scores are poor, which was to be expected. I wouldn’t exactly call it a win, but it is nowhere near an epic fail either.

This movie can be perceived as Lindsay’s first small step towards relaunching a career in acting, assuming that’s the plan. What do you think? Win or Fail? Leave a comment below to share your point of view!

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