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Funny YouTubers: Top 10 Wittiest Content Creators on YouTube 2024

Prepare to dive headfirst into a world of belly laughs and comedic genius as we unveil the absolute funniest and wittiest content creators ruling YouTube in 2024! In a digital jungle of creators, these comedic architects are leaving a trail of hilarity in their wake.

From side-splitting skits to witty commentary that hits harder than a punchline on caffeine, we’re shining the spotlight on the YouTube mavericks who can turn your dull day into a riotous carnival of joy. Get ready to LOL your heart out, because these content creators are on a mission to brighten your day and make your spirits soar!

Haley Kalil

Meet the dynamo of YouTube hilarity and runway glamour – Haley Kalil, a social media sensation with a comedic flair that could make even a stone crack a smile. With a YouTube kingdom boasting over 4.8 million loyal subscribers and a whopping 1.8K videos, she’s a comedy wizard in action.

But hold on, that’s not all! This multi-talented queen isn’t just about the digital giggles; she’s graced the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit as a model extraordinaire and once claimed the prestigious title of Miss Minnesota USA – beauty, brains, and a killer sense of humor? Talk about a triple threat!


Step into the uproarious universe of ailaughatmyownjokes, where dark humor rules, and wit is the name of the game! This content creator is armed with a comedic arsenal that could make a stone chuckle to death – 1.5 million YouTube subscribers and a TikTok army of 4 million followers says it all!

Silvia, the brains behind ailaughatmyownjokes, is a potter head and evil genius. Her POVs and skits will have you snorting your morning coffee across the room; don’t choke on it though! This girl and her quirky personality hail from the land of pretzels and precision engineering, Germany.

Peter Nguyen

Meet the maven of mirth, the chuckle champion himself – Peter Nguyen, a YouTube extraordinaire and TikTok sensation who’s turning the internet into a laugh factory! From the land of maple syrup and politeness, Peter brings a dash of Canadian charm to his comedy concoctions.

But what sets Peter apart from the sea of content creators? It’s not just his subscriber count or the fact that his blond wig has gone through a lot. No, it’s his infectious personality and raw humor that hit harder than a punchline on caffeine.

Chinese with Jessie

Get ready for a fun-filled Mandarin adventure with the fabulous Chinese with Jessie! This Chinese sorceress clears common language misconceptions, whilst sprinkling them with a generous dose of humor that’ll have you ROFLing your way to fluency.

Jessie brings a unique flavor to her lessons that you won’t find in your standard textbook. She’s a pop culture aficionado on a mission, as she decodes the language mysteries with wit and charm. She is your go-to guru for Chinese vocabulary, grammar, and culture, turning what could be a snoozefest into an entertaining fiesta.


Bow down, internet dwellers, because queensimba is here to rule the realms of YouTube and TikTok with a comedy kingdom of her own! Born on December 15, 1995, she’s been cracking jokes since the Spice Girls were topping the charts.

Her epic getups and original characters may outwit Shakespeare’s finest. She’s gorgeous, smart, and sarcastic – a multi-talented woman after my own heart. Some call her the “CEO of expressions,” but I say she’s a visionary on a quest for her own show.

The Mannii Show

The Mannii Show curates a sidesplitting spectacle of humor that has over 8 million subscribers chuckling like it’s going out of style. As of December 2023, this content connoisseur has crafted a whopping 2.7K videos – that’s more laughs than a comedy club on open mic night!

Mannii is a prodigy proving that comedic genius knows no bounds. This creator’s kingdom is built on stitches, POV humor, pranks, character impressions, and tales so entertaining they should come with a warning label for abs workout.

Macrobells shorts

Prepare for a whirlwind of emotions through the bite-sized wonders of Macrobells Shorts. With over a million subscribers hanging onto his every short and sweet upload, this content creator proves that good things do come in small packages, especially when they’re hilariously clever.

Originating from the heart of Georgia, this guy with an unparalleled and dark sense of humor, will give you giggles and goosebumps. Macrobells Shorts isn’t just about quantity; it’s about quality chuckles. This minimalist comedian knows how to pack a punch in under a minute.

Yuri Lamasbella

Yuri is a parody powerhouse, especially when it comes to giving the Kardashians a run for their contour kits. Belonging to the sunny streets of Riverview, Florida, Yuri isn’t just your typical influencer; she’s a beauty and style doyan, weaving her magic with her own lash line, the fabulous Bella G Lashes.

Yuri is the style-savvy Libra that the zodiac chart didn’t see coming. She can impersonate each and every Kardashian to perfection, and her take on their life is so much more entertaining. Not a fan of the Kardashian squad? All the more reason to follow Yuri!

Jonny Devaney

Jonny Devaney is the dog whisperer of the internet, decoding the enigmatic behaviors of our four-legged friends. From canine crime fighters to divine dog creation and epic furball showdowns, Jonny’s content is like a cinematic universe, but with more wagging tails and fewer capes.

If you love dogs in all shapes and sizes, Jonny’s content will surely make you laugh, cry, and possibly reconsider your pet choices (just kidding!). This guy’s dog impressions are so spot on, you’ll be wondering if he was born as different dog breeds in his past lives.

Charity Ekezie

Charity Ekezie from Nigeria is flipping the script on stereotypes with a laughter-packed arsenal. She is breaking the internet by shattering misconceptions about Africa with the finesse of a ninja armed with sarcasm.

Charity is a voice, a speaker, and a champion for African innovation and culture. Move over TED Talks – there’s a new advocate in town who’s she’s armed with humor and a star-studded attitude. If you’re feeling intrigued, check out her channel and get ready to fall in love with this sarcastic diva.

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