addicted to loneliness poem

Addiction to Loneliness (Escape is the bigger Challenge)

Loneliness is addictive, 
You learn to love the peace and quiet,
No reason to feel vindictive,
It takes a crowd for uproar and riot,

No one to please,
Living in your own illusionary planet,
Your senses at ease,
You make the rules, you define your gamut,

Yet someone’s mere attention,
Fills your world with colors and song,
Then it builds a tension,
Heart sinks, gut says this is wrong,

You feel again,
The warmth is followed by a blast of cold,
The same old pain,
A nightmare when forgotten memories unfold, 

Spiraling thoughts, migraine, 
You want to step back into the shadows,
Aboard the lonely train,
You sigh and glance at the bustling meadows, 

Alas! You’re alone,
It’s not the best feeling, but it feels like home, 

‘What ifs’ come to haunt,
The fear of missing out hits like a taunt,

Whenever doubt lingers,
Take a breath and count to ten on your fingers,

Eventually loneliness numbs it all,
Those worries begin to seem distant and small.

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