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Top 10 Sitcoms to Binge-watch Right Now

Summer is almost over and we are looking forward to fall because that’s the time several new seasons of our favorite T.V series come out. However, if most of your favorite shows have already ended or aired earlier this year, you must be looking for something new to stream.

It is hard to choose from all the variety of riveting shows being promoted by different television networks. There are storylines that chill you to bone, keep you guessing, or offer the most mind-boggling plots. Nonetheless, there are times when you just crave something lighthearted, sweet, and uncomplicated.

If you’ve had enough of the shows that mess with your mind and keep you awake with bizarre cliffhangers, it’s time to indulge in a couple of heartwarming sitcoms. Most of them might be predictable and cheesy, but they provide a balance and keep us sane. Sometimes, a 15-30 minute episode with a bit of witty humor is all you need to brighten your day. Then again, when you have time to kill, binging a season or two would be on the agenda.

Here’s my list of top ten sitcoms that are totally binge worthy. Each of them has what it takes to bring a smile to your face on a day you’re feeling low and lazy. Get into your comfiest pajamas, prepare your favorite snacks, and take your pick:

1.      Modern Family

The first episode of this series was released back in September 2009 on ABC. This show has a total of 11 seasons, and came to an end in 2020. Considering the number of seasons, you may have guessed that ‘Modern Family’ is quite a popular sitcom; hence, if this is the first time you’re hearing of it then that’s certainly unusual.

Each episode is extremely well-written and hilarious, thus you are bound to be addicted halfway through the first season.

The show depicts the highs and lows experienced by a progressive family, highlighting the comedic elements of diverse situations. Each character is portrayed flawlessly, but Sofia Vergara as ‘Gloria’ and Sarah Hyland as ‘Haley’ stand out.

Vergara is casted as a trophy wife from Columbia, whereas Hyland plays the role of a devious and rebellious teenager who is quite popular at school, despite being an academic failure.

2.      Only Murders in the Building

Only murders in the building debuted last year (2021) and gained instant fame for being the perfect combination of comedy and crime. The show stars some big names, including Selena Gomez and Steve Martin as lead artists; Cara Delevingne and Amy Schumer are two fascinating additions to season 2, recently released by Hulu.

The story revolves around two elderly men and a mysterious young woman; the trio works together to get to the bottom of a murder that takes place in their building.

The amateur detectives make a podcast out of their investigations and solve the case, but then the tables turn when a second murder happens out of the blue. It turns out that a lot of weird stuff goes around the building, and the trio faces consequences for poking their nose into it.

3.      Never have I ever

There’s something unexplainably refreshing and heartrending about high school drama, no matter how old you get. Never have I ever is a story about a teenage Indian girl named Devi who grew up in a western society.

It’s funny how her family expects her to submerge in traditional Indian values when she is obviously an American at heart. Devi wants the ultimate high school experience like any other American girl her age, i.e. date the hottest guy on campus and be the ‘it girl’.

Devi is book smart and strives to stay at the top of her class, but pretty naïve when it comes to relationships. She is frequently judgmental, impulsive, and indecisive; navigating high school with those personality traits turns into one epic rollercoaster ride. This show is all about growing up, understanding your priorities, and moving on.

4.      Dollface

Dollface is a sitcom starring Kat Dennings, Shay Mitchell, and Brenda Song – these three stunning ladies are reason enough to binge-watch this show. When you get to season 2, Lily Singh pops up, which is obviously the cherry on top.

The comical relief in this series is spot on, and we seriously need more shows that promote girl power is such a fun and glamorous way. Unfortunately, the sitcom was cancelled after two seasons, even though the story was far from finished.

The show reflects upon several important issues that women between the ages of 20 and 30 can relate to. It follows a girl named Jules who loses her identity in a long-term relationship and with a job she isn’t passionate about. When her long-time boyfriend dumps her, she realizes that she has no life or friends anymore. An imaginary cat lady helps her rekindle long lost friendships and get her groove back.

5.      How I met your Father

You guessed it right; ‘how I met your father’ is a spinoff of the legendary sitcom ‘how I met your mother’. To be honest, this show is not and cannot be an improvement to the original, but it is outright binge-watch material. The first episode of season one aired in January this year (2022) and rumors are that the show will be returning for season 2 in 2023.

If you grew up watching the Lizzie McGuire show on Disney channel, you shall be thrilled to know that Hilary Duff is the protagonist of the story. The adult version of Lizzie McGuire didn’t work out, so this is the closest you’ll get to something like that. If you are a forever fan of ‘how I met your mother’, this series is surely your cup of tea.

6.      Call me Kat

This sitcom is about a socially awkward lady with an eccentric mother and a love for cats. Mayim Bialik portrays the central character ‘Kat’, a 39 year old single woman who decides to use all her savings to open a cat café. Despite her mother’s disapproval and conflicting societal norms, Kat is happy the way things are and lives life to the fullest.

This show did not receive promising feedback initially, but is now renewed for a third season because a massive audience adores it. If you are looking for a family friendly sitcom with seamless humor, this is a great option. I specifically recommend this show to every cat person out there to celebrate these magnificent creatures and be inspired to live their best life.

7.      Boo Bitch!

If you’ve been missing Lana Condor after watching ‘To all the Boys: Always and Forever’ that was released around Valentine’s day last year (2021), this one’s for you. You will see Lana in a whole new persona as ‘Erika’ who is nothing like our beloved sweet Lara Jean.

Boo Bitch is a Netflix miniseries consisting of 8 episodes; a season 2 is unlikely because the story reached completion, although there is no confirmation yet.

Lana was great and all, but for me the actor that stood out the most was Zoe Margaret Colletti casted as ‘Gia’. You have probably seen her on NichLmao YouTube channel as the adorable girlfriend. The plot of ‘Boo Bitch’ features the usual high school drama, but with supernatural elements. This sitcom is ideal to watch with your girlfriends over a lazy weekend and have a good time.

8.      Young Sheldon

If you prefer subtle and sophisticated humor, Young Sheldon is right up your alley. Sheldon Cooper is perhaps the most prominent character from the classic sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and this spinoff featuring his childhood allows the audience to further explore his distinctive personality.  The storytelling in this sitcom is exceptional with regard to the narration by Jim Parsons.

The show offers an admirable perspective on faith in God and Science, explaining how they work together; there is no bias or condemnation, which makes the show all the more wholesome.

Young Sheldon is absolutely precious and accurately represents his grown-up version that is so dear to us. The sitcom already has 5 full seasons and season 6 is currently underway, thus you have ample quality content to binge-watch.  

9.      The Villains of Valley View

We have a lot of T.V series and movies based on superheroes; the trend of films and series focused on infamous villains is new and the audience loves it. Maleficent and Cruella are two examples proving that negative characters are multilayered and a lot more interesting than the usual heroic figure.

The Villains of Valley View from Disney Plus is a satirical tale about a family of villains that is banished from an exclusive anti-hero territory to live among mere mortals.

The show portrays how all villains are not the same or entirely bad. Each of the alleged villains is loveable in their own way and the character development throughout the story is impressive. Some viewers have compared it to ‘The Thundermans’, though I agree to disagree.

10. Lovesick

Lovesick is one of the best rom-com series ever made. The storyline is truly captivating, as many important details are revealed bit by bit, which keeps you intrigued. The comical aspects are insinuating, but this show is also a tear jerker on occasions.

The three leading actors perform brilliantly, so you will instantly fall in love with them. Three seasons of this sitcom are currently available to stream, and it appears that the third was its final.

Romantic comedies like Lovesick do not come by too often, so cherish it while it lasts. This is the go-to series to binge watch in bed until you can no longer keep your eyes open. It will give you sweet dreams and something to look forward to when you wake up.   

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