Top 10 tips to incorporate Minimalism in your Home Décor

Humankind has evolved over the centuries and upgraded their lifestyle in countless ways. Technological advancements have transformed our lives and the abundance of knowledge has made our species more powerful than ever. As we continue to grow and improve, we create bigger and better concepts to replace the previous ones. Construction plans and principles applied […]

Pitter-Patter of the Rain

I like to lose myself in the pitter-patter of the rain, Thoughtlessly doodling in the mist on the windowpane, Unbothered by the dark clouds, puddles, and grime, Nostalgia takes over, I travel back in time, Stuck in those moments that didn’t last, Conversations that ran deep too fast, My heart raced every time you hummed […]

5 Steps to Mindfulness

We live in a fast-paced society, where it is easy to lose ourselves in the white noise. The newer generations are more impatient than the previous ones because they have a lot more to juggle, and they don’t want to lose time. Most of us are multitasking throughout the day, which is exhausting for our […]

Top 10 Traits of a Dog Person

All pet lovers have a couple of things in common. For instance, they are by and large kindhearted people who believe that all earth species deserve love, life, and freedom. However, the kind of pet or pets you keep close further elaborate your personality. Dogs are the favorite kind of domesticated pet around the world, […]

Top 10 Traits of a Cat Person

Your pet can reveal a lot about your personality; in fact, most domesticated animals take after their owner, thus one might say that they’re like two peas in a pod! Having a furry friend or a few around the house makes life so much better. Their unconditional love, innocence, and quirks bring us joy every […]

Exposé on the Concept of Soulmates

The ideology that there is someone out there who was made just for you sounds like the most fascinating and romantic thing at first glance. The concept of soul mates tends to suggest that your stars align with one particular person in the entire universe. However, if you’re not a fan of astrology or astronomy, […]

An Impression of an Ideal World

If life was a canvas, I’d paint it colorful and bright, I’d draw lots of butterflies and stars in the daylight, If dreams could be captured, I’d have the best library, If all thoughts were read, would life be simple or scary? Sometimes I wish certain moments could be frozen, And I would erase all […]

What is Sarcasm?

The definition of sarcasm is to be ironic for the sake of mockery. Sarcasm is used to convey an insult or criticism in a way that is supposed to be witty and amusing, but there’s a catch! The person being sarcastic shouldn’t betray their true intentions or feelings; they customarily mean the opposite of what […]