The Maverick

When she entered my life, it was a moment of epiphany,

No words required, her presence was a symphony,

She talked about eccentric dreams and theories…

Second Life on the Night of Halloween

It was Halloween and the night was young. Abigail looked out the window of her cramped studio apartment on the fifth floor and sighed. She faintly remembered the last time she dressed up for the occasion and had a fun night. It was a couple of years ago in her hometown; life back then was […]

The Last Page

I saw his soul through his eyes as if he were an open book,

He let me see every fissure and explore every nook,

After a few blank pages, a story commenced…

Two of a Kind

He’s a little messed up and I’m plain crazy

I don’t wish to turn things around, but he’s just lazy,

I put on different airs and create an illusion…